Find out below what you can expect of me if we start a collaboration.

Web Development
& Interaction Design


I can build you a modern website frontend (the visual and interactive part) which enables your audience to experience your brand in the most delighted way possible. To achieve this I create clean layouts, responsive behavior for every device, quick performance, delightful and obvious interactions, the right amount of animation for a vivid feeling, and last but not least accessible techniques, so everyone can enjoy your content.

If the website has a simple information architecture, and is mainly about displaying content rather than app-like functions or complicated forms, I can also set up the content management and hosting. So you can edit your website on your own with ease.

You haven’t figured out what your website should look like? If it’s a small project I gladly help you figure out the information structure and visual appearance of your new home on the web. I’m not a trained graphic designer, but I have quite a few years of experience with developping and designing websites for small and large brands. Still if it’s a task that requires people focused solely on design, I can help you find the right ones.


I’m specialized in experience websites and microsites, where you’re willing to dare something new and bring special attention to your brand, product or service. Highly interactive, animated content, videos, enhanced storytelling, to name a few characteristics.

I target modern browsers, the last two versions of each major browser. But If you really need perfect support on old devices I can do it, it just takes more time.

Not sure if your idea works? I can build a quick frontend prototype, so we can test the best solution.

I will regularly send you links to the current state of development or the design files, so we can keep the conversation going.

After we discussed your site I can give you a precise time estimate but for a small website it will take me roughly:
1 - 2 weeks Design
1 - 2 weeks Frontend
1 - 2 weeks Backend


These are quite technical details, if not everything makes sense to you, don't worry.

Style Guide.
Instead of starting with the styling of each component from scratch, I create a style guide containing all colors, layout grids, spacing dimensions, typefaces, font sizes, typographic details and animations. On these I base all elements of the site, for a consistent appearance. Of course It's not forbidden to break the rules for special purposes.

Component Library.
I will usually break down the website's pages into components, which can be rearranged in whatever combination for each page. This gives you more freedom for shaping your content, but also makes sure we aren't reinventing the wheel on every page. I create a component library containing all available components so you can quicky get an overview.

Page Compositions.
Of course I don't leave you hanging just with a component puzzle. I will design pages based on a composition of fitting components from the library. Basically my recommendation of how to display your content. Still if there comes a situation where you prefer another layout, you can do it your way no problem.

For designing I mainly use Sketch. To show you the progress and to discuss the current state I will share the screens with you directly or using Invision.

My frontend setup is kept rather minimalist: HTML or HAML for the markup, SCSS with BEM naming convention for the styling, modern native JavaScript for the behavior, Browserify for dependency managment, Gulp for running tasks. I mostly work without a framework but if a more advanced functionality benefits, I turn to Vue.js. For very sophisticated animations I use GSAP.

To build the backend I choose one of the following CMS (Content Managment System): Kirby for simple websites, Craft for more advanced ones. Although I also have experience with Wordpress and Drupal.

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